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Applications for large loans to avoid Trustees paid?

  called the agent to pay, use of popular banks according to the borrower's loans directly to borrowers of money paid to counterparties, changed hands without a customer, which would reduce the risk of misappropriation of funds. However, sitting at the other end of the seesaw borrowers become risk buyers who instead of partial operation of funds, budget balance and may even swallowed up by merchants. At this point, some borrowers have went into the Bank to "risk off" game the classic battle, trying to change from "entrusted payment" to "self pay". If you face the same confused, here are a few want to use for reference.

generally, appropriation of more than 300,000 yuan, banks will start the agent for large loans to pay security escort. At this point, if you want banks to fund "untied" borrowers just 300,000 of funding needs, consideration could be given to 1 difference between the policy boundaries to achieve perfect, let banks 299999 without complaint of loan funds to your personal account.

security company

diversified company, always cover the fragmentation of customers needs, solve all kinds of diseases. In the eyes of ordinary people, more than 300,000 large amounts of money, if by "Commission pay" into "self pay" will be a hard landing, but it seems to guarantee company is but a trifle. However, pursue win-win cooperation of security companies, need to 2% the loan amount will be charged service fees. If a loan of 1 million, fees probably about 6000 Yuan.

apply for borrowing

of lax lending not only accepted the criteria for qualification worrying many people, but all pay attention to make things simple, the user is supreme, normally do these funds are directly transferred to the customer's account, for a user who found it from the banks, loans can be described as two birds with one stone and satisfactory place.

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