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Students how to avoid loan fraud?

   college students just out of school into the community, lack of social experience, which has created opportunities for ulterior motives. They lack social experience of college graduates, loan programs, are not familiar with, using the Internet to exist in agencies in obtaining their trust after the requirements of getting money. So, college students on how to avoid Internet loan scam?

    small addendum to the General wants to loan Maple financial entrepreneurship students offer a few precautions:

   , confirmed the authenticity of Web sites, Web pages. Best regular on site on the Web, as long as it is automatically pop up a page or Web site, reason is not recommended.

    second, confirm the authenticity of the contact. Leave contact information on the website, address of which 114 phone number you can call to verify, to confirm the phone number belongs to line with the registered address on the site.

    third, sending money, transfers to remain cautious. Believe that as long as the mind awake, not greedy, not to be ready, to tighten their pocketbooks, we can reduce the risk of being cheated.




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