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Three routes of study loan disadvantages

    when it comes to ways to loan for study abroad, a lot of people would say "Bank", in fact, in addition to bank investment management companies, pawnbrokers are also able to accept the loan, so here's the thing: what is the advantages and disadvantages of three study loan application? I believe we all want to know the answer.

   , Bank for study abroad loan advantages and disadvantages

   1, advantages

   long term: Bank study loan's biggest advantage is the long duration, such as Bank of China "study abroad loan" of up to a maximum period of ten years, usually 1-6.

high line: the same to the Bank of China "study abroad loan," for example, the loan amount can be as high as required during the education in the school tuition and living expenses total 80%.

   2, cons

   high threshold: find a bank to apply for a study loan, borrowers are required to provide arriving (MS) charge, or the guarantor, it is difficult to credit.

   lending slow: the Bank always careful, every aspect of the audit are very strict, so lending slow, people who need to get bank loans for study abroad, it is best to prepare and apply.

   second, the advantages and disadvantages of investment management company

   1, advantages of

   loans: investment management company's largest loan for study abroad loan advantage is quick, as long as the borrowers meet the requirements, the fastest 20 days will be given credit.

   2, cons

   cost: banks, investment management company for study abroad loans, borrowers will need to spend high cost.

   c, pawnshop loan pros and cons

   1, advantages

   procedure is simple: generally speaking, as long as the borrower can provide documentation of pledge the full, credit can be given.

   lending faster: as long as the borrower to provide the formalities complete, XV will be able to get loans within 30 working days.

variety of collateral: Bank acceptable collateral is generally limited, and pawn shops will accept collateral variety, including real estate, cars, jewelry, securities, gold and so on.

   2, cons

   of short duration: pawnshop loan period 3-6 months, suitable for short-term cash flow.

   cost: Although pawn loans faster, but the cost is quite high, in addition to other than interest charges, and charge a fee.


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